homemade plum cake

Homemade Cakes using Seasonal Fruit

The freshest, tastiest homemade cakes in the most gorgeous of cottage garden settings at the most gorgeous of prices.

As well as the popular range of Old Thatch homemade cakes, we also have Cake of the Month – made from a different seasonal fruit each month.

May bursts through with rhubarb and ginger, June brings us delicious, moist plums (as pictured here) and in July and August we focus on mouth-watering blue, red and black berries.

Having tea



Take tea in the tea room – the Stables in Dick Turpin’s day! – or spill out onto the Cottage Garden terrace and around the newt pond which Enid Blyton made in the 1930s.


Re-thatching the home of Enid Blyton

First, the old thatch was completely removed and burnt. As many as eight different layers of thatch were revealed. The last layer of thatch – and the oldest – contained not only straw but wild plants and field weeds, just as they looked when they were first cut down and put on the roof many, many years ago.

Next, the new thatch was laid on, row upon row, row upon row, until it reached over the top of the rafters in a ‘fringe’. Finally, the thatch had its ‘haircut’ and the ridge was pegged on with wooden stays. The new thatch glows a golden oat colour. Over time, it will weather and turn a soft grey.

Finally the thatchers made a “signature” which they fitted to the finished thatched roof. If you have visited Old Thatch Gardens you might know what that signature is!